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Celebrating 50 years: Thank you for your continued investment in the CFLA, our industry, and our shared success. 

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Membership Renewal 2023-2024

By Mike Rusch
Chair of the CFLA's Board of Directors

April 19, 2023

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Dear members, 

The last year has been momentous and exciting. Seeing nearly 1,000 friends, colleagues, and industry professionals in person at our events reminded me how our industry is stronger together. We provide a vital role in Canada’s economy, and when we collaborate, it’s evident that we help businesses and people across the country. 

As your Chair of the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association’s Board of Directors, I thank you for your dedication to our industry, Association, and the Canadian economy.

Your support made our shared success over the last 50 years possible. 

The CFLA is the only organization advocating on behalf of the 
asset-based finance, vehicle and equipment leasing industry in Canada.

Despite the chatter of economic headwinds, the CFLA has been at the forefront, keeping our sector top-of-mind with key decision-makers at all levels of government and stakeholders across Canada to ensure our industry’s impact remains reliable and authoritative. Recently, the CFLA worked with the Government of Alberta to allow for the use of e-chattel paper, saving you time and money when processing deals. Our team will hold another in-person Hill Day in Ottawa next month to raise our industry’s profile and push initiatives forward, like border security for your assets. 

The CFLA is our only source for coming together and advocating for change on issues that impact our businesses. I know first-hand that our Association doesn’t rest on its laurels and continuously finds ways to innovate and improve its services. For example, the CFLA and the Board of Directors are working hard on a new strategic plan to provide you with more services to advance your business and our industry.

The CFLA’s new professional development program, CFLA Fundamentals, has taken off and is quickly becoming standard practice for members onboarding or upgrading their staff. We aren’t stopping there. I’m proud to share that the CFLA is working on bringing the Certified Leasing & Finance Professional (CLFP) course and designation to Canada. Our Association listened to your requests for more professional development and seized the opportunity to develop a Canadian version of the CLFP. We expect to launch in late 2024.


Your support is essential to our common success.

The annual fees you and other members pay account for two-thirds of the CFLA’s annual revenue.



Our Association's work on your behalf includes mobilizing resources to provide valuable industry intelligence and help us all succeed by promoting sound government policy and helping remove barriers to business. These are tangible, measurable, and valuable results.

Please join our Association for another successful year by renewing your membership and celebrating 50 years as an industry that’s stronger together. 

The CFLA eliminated its paper-based renewal process and replaced it with a simple online form that lets you renew your membership in minutes. 

The CFLA’s success to date is based on an effective formula 
of member involvement and a strong return on investment.

I hope that we can continue to count on you for this support. We're stronger together and can accomplish more for everyone. 

Yours very truly,

Mike Rusch

Chair of the CFLA's Board of Directors

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