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We have two corporate membership types:



Our annual membership cycle runs from July 1 to June 30.

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Regular membership

Regular members engage — to a substantial extent — in asset-based financing or leasing within Canada.

Regular members are often organizations like independent leasing companies, banks, fleet lessors, and brokers that hold their own book.


Regular member fees

We base regular member fees on your company's portfolio size, including your gross receivables and assets you manage or securitize.

For example, if your portfolio size is 2.5-5 million dollars, your fee will be $1,420, plus your provincial or territorial tax.

2022–2023 regular member fee schedule:

Portfolio Size

Fee (CAD)

Up to 2.5 million


2.5-5 million


5-15 million


15-25 million


25-50 million


50-100 million


100-250 million


250-500 million


500-750 million


750 million - 1 billion


One billion-plus


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Member benefits

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Associate membership

Associate members provide products or services to regular members in Canada.

Associate members are often supplier organizations like accounting or law firms, consultants, technology providers, and brokers that do not carry their own book.

Associate member fees

We have three associate member tiers: smaller businesses and businesses that serve regionally or nationally.

For example, if your company exclusively serves the Québec region, your fee will be $2,065, plus your provincial or territorial tax.

2022–2023 associate member fee schedule:

Company Type

Fee (CAD)

Companies with no more than four employees and revenues not exceeding 2.5 million


Regional Company


National Company


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Member benefits

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