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The Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA) is the voice of the asset-based financing equipment and vehicle leasing industry in Canada. The Association supports, informs, and advocates for members to advance our industry.


For a vibrant asset-based finance and leasing industry in Canada

The CFLA’s overarching advocacy mission is to safeguard the long-term viability of the Canadian asset-based financing, vehicle, and equipment leasing industry in all its diversity.


Proactive advocacy on all levels of government

The CFLA proactively advocates to key publics (governments, media, other associations, finance industry, business audience) to promote the relevance and impact of the sector and to influence legislation and regulation.

The Association advocates on behalf of the asset-based industry primarily on the provincial and federal levels, and if appropriate also on the municipal and international levels.


Issues that matter to your business

The CFLA has been working on a number of issues critical to our industry and is in constant dialogue with ministers/deputy ministers, members of parliament, and high-level civil servants on the federal and provincial levels.

The Association also organizes annual Hill Days in Ottawa, where we talk to MPs from all parties and senior civil servants to raise the profile of our industry and emphasize the important role the asset-based finance and leasing industry plays for the Canadian economy.


Select active policy issues

  • Increase the automobile deduction limits on automobile operating expenses

  • Modernize the Personal Property Security Registration system in Ontario

  • Allow for the recognition of electronic signatures for automotive sales/leases in Quebec

  • Adopt e-chattel paper provisions in Alberta like those recently enacted in Saskatchewan and Ontario

  • Ensure any new privacy regulations on the Federal and provincial levels remain practical, simple, not overly prescriptive or burdensome, and consistent with other jurisdictions.


Select successfully addressed policy issues

  • Capped vicarious liability for lessors whose vehicles are used in ride-sharing services in Ontario and BC

  • Ensured asset-based financing businesses were deemed essential in the provinces during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns

  • Ensured lender access to the Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP)

  • Enabled the perfection of a security interest by means of electronic chattel paper in Ontario and Saskatchewan

  • Enabled the delivery of digitally purchased vehicles in Ontario


Have an issue in mind that impacts our industry? Get involved.

The primary policy work happens in the various topical CFLA Committees. They act as a radar and sounding board as well as to exchange ideas and best practices.  

To get involved or to get in touch with the CFLA about a particular policy issue, please contact Marcel Buerkler, Director of Policy.