The activities of the CFLA are governed by the By-laws of the Association, last ratified at the Annual Meeting held in Vancouver, on September 27, 2017.

Four Officers of the Association are responsible for the regular activities and administration of the Association. The Officers are responsible for the execution of contracts involving the CFLA, the approval of expense reimbursements, signing cheques and other instruments on behalf of the CFLA. 


Board of Directors

The CFLA's bylaws allow for a maximum of 32 Directors elected on a biennual basis. The Directors are comprised of both regular and associate members representing the different regions within Canada, the various sectors within the industry, and the different types and sizes of member companies. The Chair of the Future Leaders Committee is also a member of the Board of Directors.  The Board meets on a quarterly to deal with the business of the Association. 


Board of Directors

Code of Ethics

Competition Law Compliance Policy

Annual Reports