CFLA’s corporate memberships allow all employees under a company domain to access the benefits of a CFLA membership, including:

  • Full access to all of the CFLA's industry data insights and analysis, just for members

  • Reduced registration fees for events, professional development seminars and member networking opportunities

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The CFLA has a number of ways that our members engage with us that span several functional areas, with the most common ones being - administration,  billing, marketing, industry intelligence, advocacy and HR. Roles are a way for you to designate key people in your organization to these different roles, which helps your company get more from your membership with the CFLA .

You can add up to seven additional contacts and (optionally) assign roles for each contact you add. It is possible to have one person in more than one role and except for the main contact role, you can also have more than one person in a role.

The person designated as the main contact will also be able to add additional people and set/manage roles after you have joined the CFLA.

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CONSENT the CFLA Weekly Round Up and Other Electronic Communications, such as, but not limited to: member updates, surveys, event packages, sponsorship opportunities, networking opportunities I hereby consent to the CFLA sending me information and material via e-mail or other electronic communication means. I understand that I can unsubscribe from receiving such materials at any time.

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For the purpose of obtaining membership with the CFLA, I/We hereby authorize the CFLA and its representatives to obtain any background information the CFLA deems necessary concerning this application, from any source that the CFLA considers appropriate.  I/We hereby authorize any financial institution or other agencies to disclose to the CFLA any information they may have relating to my/our financial affairs and this shall constitute good and sufficient authority for them doing so.