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The CFLA has a significant portfolio of active advocacy files on the provincial and federal levels, and many more it actively monitors. Key topics the Association is currently working on include:


With an increasing expectation for business being conducted online with almost instantaneous turnaround times for transactions, modernizing provincial registries and regulations to reflect those changes becomes crucial. From safe and secure electronic signatures replacing wet ink, to electronic registries, and digital contracts and chattel papers, the CFLA supports efforts to modernize the business infrastructure.


Accelerating developments in information technology and e-commerce have brought issues of data collection, storage, usage, and transborder dataflows to the forefront of the policy agenda. The CFLA’s goal is to ensure any new privacy regulations on the Federal and provincial levels remain practical, simple, not overly prescriptive, or burdensome, and consistent with other jurisdictions.

Ease of Doing Business

An economy cannot function without regulatory boundaries. However, excessively complicated, and costly regulation risks stifling innovation, with a cascading effect on growth prospects, employment, and investment. The CFLA supports smart, fair, and collaborative regulation across all issues.


Taxes on business activity and consumption raises necessary revenue for different levels of government to provide public services. However, any new tax levied should balance the necessity for government revenue with need for innovation and competitiveness, sustained demand, and business investment.

Capital Investment

Canada’s capital investment has fallen far behind other developed countries. As a result, our businesses are less competitive, and our workers are less productive.

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For more information on the above issues or any advocacy-related questions and concerns please contact Marcel Buerkler, Director of Policy.