Your Membership Matters.

The Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA) is the only organization advocating the interests of Canada’s asset-based financing, vehicle and equipment leasing industry. Through the Association, Members can shape the industry’s future within the competitive financial services sector.

Our three key priorities are:

1. Industry Advocacy

2. Industry Intelligence

3. Professional Development

1. Industry Advocacy:

The CFLA strategically advocates for members:

  • At all levels of government

  • Through the media

  • In cooperation with other associations

  • When appropriate, directly with the public.

2. Industry Intelligence:

We provide timely information about legislative, legal, accounting and tax changes that may impact your business.

3. Professional Development:

Our frequent webinars and online Leasing Fundamentals Program offer seminars and workshops on asset-based financing, leasing and other industry-relevant topics. We also have ample networking opportunities and forums for industry leaders to meet, create opportunities and discuss business.

Member Benefits

As a CFLA Member, you and your employees can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Our Annual National Conference, which brings together over 500 industry leaders from across the country.

  • Our website’s members-only area, which provides a range of value-added services and a growing array of industry intelligence. You can also find over 1,500 Member representatives in our user-friendly database.

  • An annual Canadian Market Overview of asset-based financing, equipment and vehicle leasing business activity.

  • A one-stop-shop Industry Intelligence web page for Canadian asset-based finance market data.

  • The CFLA Weekly Roundup – Revue hebdo ACFL e-mail, which every Friday morning highlights the latest business-relevant information, like industry news, member updates, upcoming educational webinars and industry-specific events.

An association is only as strong as its member support. Our success is founded on an effective formula of Member involvement and a focused delivery of value. We look forward to your participation.

Types of Membership

We have two types of corporate members: Regular and Associate.

Regular Members:

Regular Members engage – to a substantial extent – in asset-based financing or leasing within Canada. Membership fees are based on your company’s portfolio size, including your gross receivables and assets you manage or securitize.

Have a look at our 2021-2022 fees to determine which fee applies to you.

Associate Members:

Associate Members provide products or services to Regular Members in Canada. There are four Associate Member sub-types:

  1. Companies with no more than four employees and revenues less than 2.5 million dollars

  2. Regional companies

  3. National companies

  4. Manufacturing companies.

Have a look at our 2021-2022 fees to determine which fee applies to you.

Become a CFLA Member Today!

If you have questions or want to learn more about membership, please contact:

Scott Long
Manager, Membership & Communications