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CFLA Future Leader: Gayatri Patel

Scott Long - May 13, 2022 - Featured Content Area

Gayatri Patel

The CFLA Future Leaders Initiative’s latest spotlight features Gayatri Patel, Senior Learning Partner, Meridian OneCap.

We asked Gayatri some questions about her career and personal life to amplify her voice in the industry as an exemplary future leader. Take a look below to learn more about Gayatri.

We created the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) in 2019 to connect younger employees with leadership potential in the asset-based finance and leasing space. The FLI’s mission is to give the next generation of leaders a voice in shaping our industry.


What does it mean to you to be a leader, and how do you lead others in your organization?

In my role as a consultant, I support Meridian OneCap from an Employee and Leader Development perspective. I have the opportunity to lead change and drive employee engagement through various programs and offer technical project support. Meridian OneCap is more of a wider and flatter organization rather than the traditional ‘pyramid’; so I feel empowered! To me, “to lead” doesn’t necessarily equate to being a direct people manager. All employees are empowered to manage relationships and lead through influence. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself building a team of influencers that are responsible for driving employee engagement through early adoption. Change is inevitable, we’ve seen that happen through Covid; with supply chain issues and working from home. One thing is for certain – not all employees react the same. Managing change, driving adoption and providing sustainment support is critical to the success of any transformation. I see myself owning change management for Meridian OneCap and consulting for employee and leader development initiatives.


What is your favourite part of your job? 

I love my job of supporting a business that is so passionate about helping their end users. My favorite part is trifold: 1) the people and 2) the leadership team 3) my role. The people are incredibly supportive of each other, department goals are aligned and the work is centered around a shared vision. The Meridian OneCap leadership team is extremely transparent and candid in the direction of the business, successes, challenges and where we stand as it relates to industry trends. My role is interesting and exciting, no two days are the same. Launching a project, designing solutions and seeing our people use a new system or understand new functionality is so intrinsically motivating – it keeps it interesting and fun!


What do you like to do when you are not behind your desk? 

Having recently moved to beautiful BC (from Toronto) I am an avid explorer! Always seeking a new adventure, camping in secluded places, trying amazing foods, snowboarding and increasing my endurance for hiking. I also love connecting with people, surrounding myself with people that are smarter than me! Someone once told me, if you are the smartest in your circle, you aren’t learning anything – that’s stayed with me throughout my career.


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