Future Leaders Spotlight: Matt Benner

Scott Long - October 14, 2021 - Featured Content Area

Matt Benner, GM Financial

The CFLA Future Leaders Initiative’s September spotlight features Matt Benner, AVP, Customer and Dealer Experience at GM Financial.

What brought you to the asset-based finance and leasing industry?

I started my career with GM when I was in school, working in a factory. Upon graduation, I was offered a position within the organization as a full-time employee in Customer Care and Aftersales. I graduated with a degree majoring in Accounting and Finance which naturally piqued my interest when positions became available at GM Financial. I transitioned from manufacturer to captive in 2016 and have grown tremendously thanks to the great support I have received from my leaders and peers. It motivates me to know that there are still so many opportunities to learn within the industry. 

What do you like about working in this industry?

The industry is constantly changing and as a result, forces you to be nimble and to stay on your toes. It’s an especially exciting time to be working in the automotive finance industry largely being driven by technological changes. Technology influences how we communicate with consumers, how we accomplish tasks and vehicles that are ultimately driven by our customers. Influencing how we adopt those digital solutions in our everyday business is extremely exciting and rewarding. 

What motivates you?

Being in a position to develop those around me is extremely motivating. As a manager, having the ability to enable team member growth and witness positive change is extremely motivating. I am proud that I have been able to influence team member personal and professional development. Seeing those close to me accomplish goals is what makes being a manager so great.

How do you overcome the challenges you face at work?

Acting with integrity and thinking about how my decision impacts our customers goes a long way in effectively navigating through obstacles. I am also extremely lucky to work with a diverse team that I heavily rely on to approach challenges as a group. My colleagues all bring unique experiences and perspectives to the table that enable the most effective response to a challenge. 

What do you like to do when you are not behind your desk?

My free time outside of the office has changed quite drastically over the last year or so. During COVID, I purchased a road bike which has become one of my biggest hobbies. I also spend a lot of time on the golf course, desperately trying to get better… Both activities are similar in that I can set personal goals for improvement, which keeps me getting back on the bike and out on the golf course. Sports are a big part of my life- I am hoping the soccer and basketball leagues I was involved with pre-COVID start up again soon!


The CFLA’s Future Leaders Spotlight is a monthly feature of emerging talent in the Canadian asset-based financing and leasing industry.

The CFLA’s Future Leaders Initiative's (FLI) was created in 2019 to connect younger employees with leadership potential in the asset-based finance and leasing space. The FLI’s mission is to give the next generation of leaders a voice in shaping our industry.

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