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- September 29, 2023 - Featured Content Area

2023 asset-based finance and leasing industry Compensation Survey

Participating in the Industry Compensation Survey will give you access to a report – and exclusive webinar – on the base salary and incentive structure of different positions in the industry. It also offers current human resource practices. 

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You'll get a coherent report with data on:

• Base salaries and incentives

• Human resource practices

• Job descriptions.

You can also access an exclusive webinar discussing the data and its supplemental information. 

The data covers these sectors or topics:

• Equipment finance

• Consumer auto finance

• Fleet management/finance

• Job matching quality.

Examples of roles include:

• Business development

• Managers

• Senior management, like VPs and directors

• Support and customer service

• Underwriters.


Why participate?

• The Industry Compensation Survey helps you benchmark your compensation structure and HR practices to attract talent and retain staff

• A professional third party obtained the data from CFLA members to ensure the information is accurate and relevant

• On average, it'll cost you $30,000+ to conduct your own compensation review.


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