Press release & report: Illegal Exports & Vehicle Theft

CFLA - June 15, 2023 - Featured Content Area

Addressing the problem of exported stolen vehicles


Vehicle theft is rising at an alarming rate across Canada. In the City of Toronto alone, we've seen a 300% increase since 2015. This crime is dangerous and costly to Canadians and businesses – coming in at a billion dollars annually. 

Our report summarizes vehicle theft, how it happens, and recommendations to curb this crime for immediate, medium, and long-term implementation.

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"Vehicle theft in Canada is rising exponentially, with organized crime becoming more adept at maintaining their revenue flow from stolen vehicles," said Michael Rothe, President & CEO of the CFLA. "We urgently need public education programs on theft prevention, the re-establishment of provincial auto theft teams, and protocols for reporting financed vehicles exported through identity theft."

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Our President & CEO, Michael Rothe, held a press conference highlighting significant increases in vehicle theft rates across Canada and the CFLA's recommendations to prevent it.

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