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Scott Long - January 31, 2023 - Featured Content Area

Advocating for digitization in Alberta

On January 11 & 12, 2023, Michael Rothe (CFLA President & CEO) and Angela Armstrong (CFLA Board Member & Former Chair) of Prime Capital Group Inc. & Xpedite Leasing Inc. ⇒ met with senior government officials in Edmonton to discuss digitization and maintain dialogue between our industry and governments. 

From left: Angela Armstrong, Minister Dale Nally, and Michael Rothe

What's new?

On January 30, 2023, we had a follow-up meeting with senior staff in the Ministry of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction to continue advocating for electronic chattel paper.

Electronic chattel paper is one item in our recommendations for modernization in governments across Canada.

How do these meetings help the asset-based finance and leasing industry?

These meetings help Canada's asset-based finance and leasing industry by pushing for more digitization so members can streamline processes, save money, and access vital services easier.

Specifically, we discussed our recommendation for Alberta to move to electronic chattel paper to prevent overhead costs like printing, secure shipping, and document storage for wet-ink documents. 

From left: Angela Armstrong and Josh Bilyk

Who have we worked with?

Our team met with Minister Dale Nally, Ministry of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, and Josh Bilyk, Chief of Staff to Minister Devin Dreeshen, Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors. We also met with Assistant Deputy Minister Ronda Goulden of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction – Consumer Registry and Strategic Services Division.

We continue to advocate for our industry across Canada. Advocacy days and follow-up meetings like these help raise our industry's profile with decision-makers.

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