Benchmark Your Company's Compensation Structure to Attract Talent

What does the survey collect?

The CLFA Asset-Based Finance Industry Compensation Survey collects information on the compensation structures of 30 different positions in the industry. It also offers current human resource practices. We use a third party, Gallagher, to collect the data, so it remains strictly confidential.


Why should I participate?

We need salary and incentive data from the industry to create this report. 


How does this survey help me?

The report’s insights help you benchmark and structure your compensation packages to attract new, talented staff.


When is the final report available?

We will make the final report available in March 2022.


What are the participation fees?

  • $975 for members who do not have sales positions and provide operations data only.

  • $1650 for members who report on both sales and operations positions.

We will send your participation invoice before we share the final report with you.


When does the survey close?

We are proud to work with Gallagher, a third party, who collects and interprets the survey results. They also keep the results strictly confidential.

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Questions or need more information?

Contact Marcel Buerkler, Director, Policy for more information.