CLFP Foundation adds 16 new CLFPs

Scott Long - March 4, 2022 - Featured Content Area

The CFLA's Richard McAuliffe is one of the latest to receive his CLFP designation

CFLA Board and Executive Committee Member, and former Board Chair, Richard McAuliffe, is one of the latest to receive his Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) designation.

Richard is a highly qualified executive with more than thirty years of financial management in the banking and leasing industry. He has volunteered with the CFLA for over 20 years and contributed his invaluable time and knowledge to many initiatives. Recently, Richard was extensively involved in helping us develop our new online CLFA Fundamentals Program ⇒ His insights helped make Fundamentals a must-take for everyone in the industry.

"Building a strong North American equipment leasing and finance industry is a crucial goal in these ever-changing times," said McAuliffe. "Becoming a CLFP is something I knew I needed to do to help achieve this goal. The CLFP designation assists individuals and our industry to achieve exceptional standards of professional conduct, technical expertise, and exemplary ethics. It is truly a privilege and pleasure to be a Certified Lease & Finance Professional.”  

Please join us in congratulating Richard on his success!

Check out the CLFP Foundation's press release for more information ⇒


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