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Are you applying for a regular or associate membership?

  • Regular members engage – to a substantial extent – in asset-based financing or leasing within Canada.
    • We base regular member fees on your company's portfolio size, including your gross receivables and assets you manage or securitize.
  • Associate members provide products or services to regular members in Canada.
    • We base associate member fees from three tiers: smaller businesses and businesses that serve regionally or nationally.

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  • The Main Contact role can add and edit contacts, or change roles after we onboard your company.

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CONSENT the CFLA Weekly Round Up and Other Electronic Communications, such as, but not limited to: member updates, surveys, event packages, sponsorship opportunities, networking opportunities I hereby consent to the CFLA sending me information and material via e-mail or other electronic communication means. I understand that I can unsubscribe from receiving such materials at any time.

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Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of obtaining membership with the CFLA, I/We hereby authorize the CFLA and its representatives to obtain any background information the CFLA deems necessary concerning this application, from any source that the CFLA considers appropriate.  I/We hereby authorize any financial institution or other agencies to disclose to the CFLA any information they may have relating to my/our financial affairs and this shall constitute good and sufficient authority for them doing so.