Your Monthly Index for New Commercial SME Loans, Leases, and Delinquencies

The Canadian Commercial Credit Trends report provides you with early signals of economic growth, demand for capital, business fixed investment, and warnings of future insolvency. 

The report also includes two indexes:

1)  The Canadian Equipment Lending Index

2)  The Canadian Equipment Delinquency Index

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The Canadian Equipment Lending Index measures the volume of new commercial loans and leases to small and medium businesses. These metrics offer signals of economic growth, demand for capital, and business fixed investment

The Canadian Equipment Delinquency Index tells you the percentage of Canadian small and medium businesses that are 31-180 days past due or 91-180 days past due with Canadian finance companies. These metrics indicate financial stress and provide early warning of future insolvency.


We proudly partner with Equifax to publish this report monthly.



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